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  • Anhui Tongfeng Electronics Co.,Ltd.
    Company history

          Time flies, like a song. After four decades of hard work and innovation, Tongfeng has gradually become a well-known large-scale electronic industrial enterprise in China from a little-known garment factory.



    In 1952, Clothing Production Cooperatives was founded, later renamed as Tongling Garment Factory.


    In 1975, the garment factory which had been operating in the red decided to switch to electronic industry. After surveying and studying, No.2 Electronic Component Factory of Tongling was established for manual winding of polyester capacitor, and took the first step in the road of promoting enterprises through science and technology.

    In 1976, the first batch of CL11 capacitors were successfully trial-produced, filling the gap of film capacitor products in our province.

    In 1978, the factory was relocated and expanded, to achieve intensive production and management.

    In 1982, firstly went to Shanghai to recruit technical personnel.

    In 1984, a film capacitor line imported from Japan went into production.

    In 1985, high-vacuum coating plant from Germany went into production.

    In 1989, the first film production line imported from Germany (BOPP-1) went into production.

    In 1990, the factory was renamed as Tongling Film Capacitor General Factory, forming a unique BOPP film-metalized film-film capacitor production pattern in China.

    In 1991, listed in Top 100 China Electronic Components Companies.

    In 1992, promoted to a national large-scale company.

    In 1992, imported the production lines for small-scale capacitors, AC capacitors and power capacitors from Japan and Italy. Some types of capacitor became national key new products.

    In 1992, Tongling Wiscome Electronic Material Company, a joint venture with Hong Kong Wiscome, was founded, to take the lead in developing Zn-Al film with thick edge, and explosion-proof film.


    In 1994, Anhui Tongfeng Electronics (Group) Company was founded.

    In 1996, Anhui Tongfeng Electronics Co.,Ltd was founded.

    In 1996, being awarded the honorary title of National Model Grass-roots Party Organization.

    In 1998, Anhui provincial engineering research center of basic electronic materials and components was founded.

    In 1999, BOPP-2 with annual output of 2500t polypropylene film went into production.

    In 1999, being awarded the title of National Hi-tech Company by Science and Technology Department of China.

    In 2000, Anhui Tongfeng Electronics Co.,Ltd was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange.

    In 2002, a multifuncational capacitor film line (BOPP-3) went into production. Thus, the annual output of film was up to 8000t, ranking the first in the world.

    In 2002, set up a film metalizing plant in Wenzhou.

    In 2003, the post doctoral workstation was set up after the approval of National Personnel Board.

    In 2004, Anhui TSF Company Limited, a joint venture with SKC Inc. South Korea which is one of the top 500 in the world, was founded to produce BOPET film for capacitor.

    In 2005, a heat resistant polypropylene film line (BOPP-4) went into production. This line was designed and installed by Tongfeng on its own.

    In 2005, Tongfeng Electronics Co.,Ltd completed the reform of the stock equity distribution.

    In 2006, raised private offering of 258 million yuan in the capital market.

    In 2007, reshuffled by Zhejiang Tech-new Group Company with increasing capital investment

    In 2007, set up another film metalizing plant in Foshan city.

    In 2009, Tongling Jingneng Electronics Co.,Ltd specialized in manufacturing lithium ion battery separator was founded.

    In 2010, Tongfeng became the exclusive Chinese film capacitor supplier to Carrier Inc. USA. It marks that Tongfeng has achieved the world-class level in the technology, quality, costs and logistic service of the capacitors for air conditioner.

    In 2011, Tongfeng Group became a private enterprise, 100% equity held by Zhejiang Tech-new Company.


    In 2012, a number of modern buildings were built, including the office building, R & D Center, staff canteen and a series of standard plant buildings. Meanwhile, many new projects went on, including the expansion projects of power electronic capacitors and AC capacitors, the Sapphire wafers project and the first phase of Tianyuan & new energy project. BOPET-2 line went into production.

    In 2012, Tongfeng Electronics Co.,Ltd won Tongling Mayor Quality Award.

    In 2013, raised private offering of 756 million yuan in the capital market for projects of thin film used in new energy material and smart grid applications.

    In 2014, the second line of Tongling Jingneng Electronics Co., Ltd was constructed.

    In 2015, super capacitor project of Hehui Jinyuan Science & Technology Co., Ltd went into the planning and construction.

    In 2015, new filmproduction lines for smart power grid and new energy were completed into production.

    In 2015, integral moving related work for South Factory area of Tongfeng has been progressed actively, with old production lines to be moved to Tongfeng Industrial Park.

    In 2015 Hehui Jinyuan Science & Technology Co., Ltd was granted RMB 231 million of project investment and development fund from China Development Bank.



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    • Company Address:Tongfeng Industrial Park,3rd CUIHU RD,Economic and Technological Development Zone,Tongling, Anhui
    • Complaint Hotline:0562-5883728
    • Email:tfbgs@tong-feng.com
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